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DiGiKnow - European Projects of Education and Training

Knowledge sharing and digitalization of science (DiGiKnow)

Pubblicato: 21 aprile 2023 | Innovazione e ricerca

From January 2023, the Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna (represented by Prof. Elvis Mazzoni and Prof. Martina Benvenuti), participate in a project, coordinated by the Institute for Population and Human Studies (IPHS) at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, for #digitization of scientific knowledge under the #erasmusplus program of the European Union.

The purpose of the project "Knowledge sharing and digitalization of science (DigiKnow)" is to create a scientific platform with a flexible digital learning environment. The platform will be used for storing and sharing knowledge on scientific data such as psychological tests, qualitative and quantitative methods. The result of the project will be three-fold: digital transformation, improved quality of the work of the partners, cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Why is this an important step for us and relevant to you? 

In an Open Science perspective, the aim of the DigiKnow project (Knowledge sharing and digitalization of science) is the digitization of scientific output in the fields of psychology and demography for greater visibility, accessibility, and usability of valuable data, publications, and methodologies.
This effort is relevant to both the participating scientific institutions, as well as to the private companies and government bodies that would like to draw on our expert knowledge.

In other words, the creation of a platform called DigiKnow will allow the free flow of information and knowledge and will help the further development of science.

Should you have any questions - please, do not hesitate to contact the coordinators of the project - assistant prof. Tsvetelina Panchelieva, PhD

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